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(一)The confirmation of Cheng Hisng Ribbon Catalogue Website Service Terms: The ownership and operation right of Cheng Hisng Ribbon Catalogue Website belongs to Xiamen Especial Industry Co., Ltd. We also hold the rights which are not showed on our website. Without the written permission of Xiamen Especial Industry Co., Ltd., any way of copy, transfer, distribution, save of our webpage information is prohibited. Cheng Hisng Ribbon Catalogue Website would offer our services according to our constitution, service terms and our operation regulations.

(二)The Alteration of Service Content and Terms: Cheng Hisng Ribbon Catalogue Website will offer our members the products collection, product inquires and other functions. Cheng Hisng Ribbon Catalogue Website bends us to create a safe and convenient service system. Meanwhile, we are entitled to change every service content immediately; of course we will give a hint in the notable place in the page when we changing the page information. Anyway, you approbate and accept our service clause when you enjoy the service of our website.

(三)Your Member ID, Password and Security: In the process of register, you can log in your member name and password, and you must keep secret for your own member ID and password. And also ensure leaving the website in correct way (click “safe leave” please). Only if we obtain your permission, we assure you that not disclosing your individual important information (real name, telephone No, e-mail address, company address) to the third party by any form.

(四)Special Declaration: If we discover the member fraud, we have the right to delete the user membership. Xiamen Especial Industry Co., Ltd. possesses of this website explanation entitlement.